Studio Policies

​Required Attire:

1) Tight fitting t-shirt, (no cap sleeves) short or long sleeves or a leotard with short or long sleeves. Please no sleeveless tops of any kind.

2) Leggings, capri pants or other long tight fitting pants with NO ZIPPERS, NO BUTTONS, AND NO TIES/STRINGS.

3) No chewing gum whatsoever.

4) Classes are conducted in bare feet. The gym is shoe-less so students must take shoes off before entering the workout area of the gym.

5) Hair needs to be tied back without bobby pins or barrettes. If hair fits into a ponytail, please have it secured when you arrive at the gym. ​

Do Not Wear: For safety reasons rings, necklaces. chokers, earrings, nose rings, belly rings, and any other piercing is not allowed and must be removed prior to the start of class. Please do not sign up for this class if you have piercings that cannot be removed. Even when covered, belly button rings can cause damage to the silks. Please do not get piercings part way through your class session. Students will not be allowed to participate in silk classes with new piercings that cannot be removed. Payments are not refundable for any reason and a credit will not be issued if a student gets new piercings during a session. Fingernails and toenails must not be any longer than the end of the finger or toe, rounded and filed smoothly. Acrylic nails are fine if they also do not extend beyond the finger or toe, are rounded and filed smooth. Students will be asked to come back the next week if fingernails are too long or if jewelry cannot be removed.

Please do NOT bring valuables to class. Spokane Aerial Performance Arts is not responsible for the loss of personal items.