Aerial Silk Basic I Instruction/Intro to Hammock -  Introduction to basic silk skills, including wraps and climbing.  Begin to learn the aerial silks of Cirque du Soleil.  Students also work the upper body and core strength. Please note: For safety reasons rings, necklaces, earrings, nose rings, belly rings, and any other piercing is not allowed and must be removed prior to the start of class. Students will not be allowed to participate in silk classes with new piercings that cannot be removed.  Payments are not refundable for any reason and a credit will not be issued  for illness or if students get new piercings during a session. Basic I Classes Days Offered: TBD. Time TBD.  This class is required for all new aerial silk students, ages 11 through adult.  Please check our "Register Here!" page for more details.

Aerial Silk Basic II Instruction - In Basic II students will have continued instruction of simple silk holds and climbing.  Students also work the upper body and core strength.  Prerequisite: Basic Aerial I.  Days Offered: TBD.  Times: TBD.  Ages 11 through adult, of permission of the instructor.  Perequisite: One session of the Basic I Course.  

Aerial Silk Hammock -  Try this fun and fast moving Aerial Silk Hammock Class.  Off the ground on Day 1, students love the hammock and enjoy the strength gained from working in the hammock.  Days Offered: TBD. Time: TBD.  Students need to take a Basic I Class prior to Aerial Silk Hammock for the introduction to safety, terminology and core conditioning.  Ages 11 through adult, unless permission of the instructor.  Prerequisite: One session of Basic I.

Aerial Silk Hammock 2 (adv) -  Concentrating on moves, drops and wraps hammock only.  Must take 2 sessions of Hammock/Sling/Basic II prior to taking this class. Days Offered: TBD. Time: TBD.  Ages 14 through adult, unless permission of the instructor.

Children's Aerial Silk - Children's aerial class is designed to provide small class instruction on aerial silk and hoop to children ages 6 to 12. To watch video of a children's class CLICK HERE!  Students will learn an introduction to basic silk language, simple silk holds, climbing, and routines. Please note, for safety reasons necklaces, rings, earrings, and any other piercings are not allowed and must be removed prior to the start of class.  Students will not be allowed to participate in silk classes with new piercings that cannot be removed.  Payments are not refundable for any reason and a credit will not be issued if students get new piercings during a session. 

Ages - Ages 5-7,6-8, 8-10.  Days and times: TBD.

Mixed Level Aerial Silk (Beginning I, II and III) - Continuing to progress in skill and strength, students take the Mixed Level Course after 3+ sessions of Basic II.  Days Offered: TBD.  Time: TBD.  Combined skill levels. Ages 14 through adult only.  

Intermediate/Mixed Levels Aerial Silk - This is a 60 minute class. Making connections with your aerial skills.  Learn artful transitions, focusing on form and technique. Drops and complicated wraps are a majority of this class.  Prerequisite:  Permission of Instructor.  Recommended skill and experience requirements must be met.  Days Offered: TBD.  Time: TBD. Ages 14 through adult only. 


Advanced Aerial Silk - This is an advanced class and 90 minutes in length. Qualified students will be able to invert in the air repeatedly during the 90 minute class. Qualified students will also be able to demonstrate a series of 3 moves completely off the ground.  Three (3) moves must include a drop a wrap and a transition to pose. Class size limited to 6.  Days Offered: TBD.  Advance permission of the instructor required.  Ages 18+ only.  

Aerial Hoop/Lyra/Static Trapeze - Mixed Levels.  This is a 60 minute class. Students will be taught the basics static trapeze, dance trapeze and duo trapeze.  Open to anyone ages 12 through adult.  Days Offered: TBD. Time: TBD. Ages 12 through adult. 

Duo Lyra - Coming Soon!


​Fire Eating, Fire Dancing and Fire Performance -  Day and Time: TBD.  Learn safety and prevention, fire eating, fire dancing and performance.  Open to anyone ages 18 and up, unless accompanied by a parent.


Cyr Wheel - Coming Soon!

Acro - Coming Soon!

Intro to Bungee and Mixed Levels Bungee -   Coming Soon!


Private Lessons -  All private lessons are $50 per hour and must be prepaid and by appointment only.  Please email to schedule. Payment for private lesson, CLICK HERE.



I am a new student, can I find the required forms here?  Yes, click on the page, "Register Here" and you will find the 3 required forms to download.

How Many Weeks?  Sessions are six weeks in length.  

How Long is the Class?  All classes are 60 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.

How Many Times Per Week?  Students may sign up for 1, 2 or 3 classes per week by choosing each class day and time offered below.  Prices listed above are for 1 class per week.  

Can I Bring a Friend?   Yes, but they must take the entire 6 week session with you!  For safety reasons we do not offer drop-in classes.  The Basic Aerial Class and Beginning Aerial Class have a large following and could fill, so sign up right away. - 509-435-1576       

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